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Welcome to the Waste Conversion Technology Association, Inc. (WCTA).

Our mission is to promote the conversion and responsible use of waste materials for energy and fuel applications.

The WCTA occupies the unique space between the private and public sectors to increase the demand, distribution infrastructure, and capacity for energy generation and the generation of transportation fuels such as ethanol, biodiesel, and other waste derived fuels such as syngas and biogas as well as fuels for heat, electric power generation and natural gas pipeline injection.

The WCTA carries out its mission by providing forums for the public and private sectors to exchange ideas, strategies, and ultimately serve as an educational resource for the development of a sustainable waste to energy/fuel conversion technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis, plasma torch and anaerobic digestion.

The WCTA coordinates with educational institutions in the dialogue of research and practical applications for delivering innovation with the goal of improving the economics of waste to renewable fuel and energy options.

In addition, the WCTA assists waste conversion technology providers by enlisting the support of technical expertise to help quantify the environmental impact and carbon footprint as well as the technical and economic merits of waste conversion technology projects.
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